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Rent vs Buy

Rent vs Buy

The upside of downsizing

Downsize. Rent. Have cash on hand for a second childhood.

When you’re ready to downsize, you don’t want to compromise. You want a beautiful home with freedom from maintenance and
the expenses that go along with it. In your new luxury apartment, you’re home free because everything is taken care of for you.

That freedom means extra time for entertaining, travel, community causes, family, and yes, even yourself!

Treplus Communities offers the new definition of 55+ living with large ranch homes, vaulted ceilings, attached garages and plenty of storage space. Our communities have all the amenities and services you want, and some you didn’t even think of: proactive on-site management and a multitude of concierge services, a walkable community, easy access to parks and bike trails, pet-friendly, and “The Commons” for social gatherings and fitness facilities, to name a few.

couple having fun in senior apartments luxury condos

See the infographic showing the benefits of renting vs. buying here.

Renting frees up FUNDS from the sale of your home 

Investing the funds from the sale of your home, as opposed to buying a condo or patio home, for example, is considered to be the wiser financial strategy in most cases. Numerous studies show that returns on investments are typically far greater than the return on an average single family home. For all of its benefits, home ownership is not the most lucrative investment strategy. Purchasing a condo for sale, for example, ties up those funds that downsizing households could use toward a much higher-yield investment. Renting, on the other hand, frees up those funds for investing, as well as enabling you to live a more carefree lifestyle.  

See the infographic showing the benefits of renting vs. buying here.

Downsize and Get the Whole Package!

cat in moving box as owner is not buying a condoAt this point in life, you’ve earned the right to choose. Rental living at Treplus Communities frees you up for a whole new world of experiences, without sacrificing life or style!

Increasingly, the baby boomer generation is opting to rent as a lifestyle choice, but these older adults desire great convenience, flexibility and personalized services when choosing living options. Renting at Treplus Communities holds many more advantages over buying a condo. Burr Oak Commons, Hawthorne Commons and Redbud Commons have all the luxury amenities and personalized services you could want, without the big investment. 

Renting frees you up to invest your money for the future, and gives you the freedom of a lifestyle of travel, relaxation and family, without the worry of having to resell your home in the future. 

Treplus luxury apartment communities offer the complete package of location, floor plan design, contemporary and universal design, convenience and amenities for the discriminating renter.

After doing some consumer research, Treplus has designed a formula for delivering all of the relevant lifestyle needs for active baby boomers in rental housing:

  • We take care of all maintenance and landscaping, freeing up your time and your expenses for pursuing your favorite pastimes.
  • You pay no property taxes or mortgage interest payments
  • Your capital is not tied up in real estate, therefore you are free to invest it or spend it as you choose. As an investment, primary homes have historically just kept up with inflation. There are many benefits to home ownership, but investment performance should not be considered as one of the top benefits.
  • You live a carefree lifestyle – close your door and go travel, for example. Our concierge service will take care of your home while you’re gone.
  • Renting is flexible. Should you need or want to relocate, the move would be a much simpler proposition. If you are selling a home currently, you will understand exactly what this means.
  • Treplus Communities have no entrance/endowment or buy-in fees. Some retirement communities have these fees, which range from under $100,000 to well over half a million dollars.