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downsizing couple on couch in open floor plans retirement community

Think of Downsizing as a Process for Optimizing Your Life

For some active adults who find themselves with an empty nest, lightening the load is challenging after building a lifetime of memories. In addition to the physical task of unloading possessions, there is the emotional pull that some of these possessions have on us. Often, getting rid of these things seems like throwing away a bit of your history. And you don't want to do it. But if you begin to think about it in terms of making room for new experiences and memories, downsizing can be a bit easier. So, think of downsizing as preparing for the next exciting phase of life-a new set of experiences and memories.

So when making the decision, active adults don't necessarily ask themselves whether to downsize or not, because downsizing is inevitable. It's not a choice of "if," but of "when."

While this may be a scary proposition for some, it can also be an exciting, and freeing life change for many. Renting their next home represents a very realistic scenario for many older householders, once the kids have moved out and retirement is on the horizon. And renting, as opposed to purchasing a smaller home or condo, gives 55 and older householders more freedom to pursue their interests, to travel, and to simply not spend time on home maintenance.

Treplus understands that downsizing is an involved process. It takes patience, planning and personnel. Many people find it to be an overwhelming process after spending many years in a single home. There are many resources and services available to help you sell your furniture and possessions, or to find the next highest and best purpose for them. There is help for those who are at the stage of not even knowing what to keep, and what to leave behind. Treplus Communities can help you find professional downsizing consultants that can work with you through this process, to make it as easy as possible to transition to downsizing your belongings...and upsizing your life.