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Treplus Partners Make Presentation at Columbus Downsizing Seminar

Downsoizing experts Ann Arthur Cook and Jane Arthur Roslovic

Industry Experts at DownSize Columbus Can Help Make Your Transition Successful

The Spring 2018 DownSize Columbus  seminar is coming up soon. The seminar will be held at the Hilton Easton on May 6, 2018 from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. 

What is DSC?

DownSize Columbus is Central Ohio’s premier seminar to assist the downsizing homeowner. Experts in the five major areas of transition – Residential, Emotional, Legal, Medical and Financial – all gather in one space to give interested consumers valuable advice, resources and trusted partners…. all to help guide you through this challenging transition.

To date, thousands of Central Ohio homeowners have attended the DSC event. The first seminar was in 2013, and since then, DownSize Columbus has held 35 events around Central Ohio—with the help of over 5,000 partners. 

Treplus Communities is one of those partners. Principals Ann Arthur Cook and Jane Arthur Roslovic gave presentations at DSC events in 2017, telling attendees about their experience doing research for their then-planned 55+ apartment projects. The first of those projects, Hawthorne Commons of Dublin, is open and currently leasing apartments. 

Ann and Jane grew up in Columbus and became part of a family-owned business with their brother Geoff Arthur that has, among other things, developed and managed residential projects—including multifamily apartments—since the 1960s. The ladies and Geoff now operate Treplus Communities--developer of ranch style apartment homes with open floor plans, Universal Design and attached garages for 55+ households. The luxury apartment concept provides a much-needed rental option in Central Ohio for Baby Boomers and empty nesters that have been through the downsizing process.

Both Ann and Jane have lived through downsizing themselves, but when they began to think about building rental homes for downsizing empty nesters, they also talked to other experts and conducted focus groups with people who had experienced downsizing firsthand. They wanted to make sure they could offer the kind of living spaces that downsizing homeowners really wanted. We’ve included a synopsis of the presentation made by Ann and Jane during the 2017DownSize Columbus events. But first, here’s a little introduction to the insights that the folks at DownSize Columbus have about this major life transition:

“The decision to downsize is far more than just the sale of the “big” house and a move to a smaller living space. It is a move fraught with future-altering decisions and emotional turmoil, often made without the help of a deceased or incapacitated spouse and out-of-state children. While every other sale and purchase has been a move “up” the ladder: bigger, better, closer to kid’s schools and more amenities, this move is about letting go.  Giving up of possessions, memories, and the familiar is often the hardest part of the downsize transition.”

The Destination Residence for DownsizING-What Do Downsizers Want Most?

Ann and Jane are experienced as homeowners, downsizers and in the apartment industry. And they knew, before forming Treplus Communities, there were few rental housing alternatives in Central Ohio that have the features that downsizing empty nesters look for. In forming their concept for the new 55+ apartments, they interviewed a wide range of 55 and older individuals and focus groups to find out exactly what features they most wanted for their next home. These features include:

  • A good location “near our current homes where we raised our families and have our friends and support network.”
  • A walkable and diverse neighborhood
  • A short drive from shopping, restaurants and our healthcare
  • A feeling of community. “We want to know our neighbors and have an ability to get together easily – especially if we are retired.”
  • “Zero” responsibility for maintenance.  Repeat, No Maintenance!
  • A pet-friendly community with amenities “for our four-legged family.”

Top Amenities for Empty Nester Lifestyle

Ann and Jane created the Treplus Communities brand and a luxury rental concept that fits the needs of the empty nester perfectly. According to their research, here are top amenities empty nesters and Baby Boomers are looking for:

  • Spacious single story floor plans 
  • Large attached garages
  • Plenty of storage – we’re downsizing – but…come on!
  • At least two bedrooms to allow for visitors, and to have space to spread out
  • Open floor plans with lots of natural light  
  • No steps anywhere – including to the laundry and into the shower
  • Spacious gourmet kitchens with great finishes 

…And here are some extra amenities for a Wish List:

  • A property manager who responsive and can provide some concierge services to make life easier.
  • “A great place to gather with friends or family. A community area for a book group, happy hour or family celebration.”
  • A complete fitness room – maybe even with some yoga or tai chi classes
  • Downsizing is a Major Trend…

Here are some statistics that give evidence of how strong the downsizing trend is:

  • There are 78 Million Baby Boomers retiring in the next decade 
  • An interesting fact: Many Baby Boomers are looking to rent. 
  • “Downsizers and empty nesters want to simplify our lives in our housing choices, but we also need financial flexibility.” 
  • “We don’t need the large family home or all the stuff we’ve collected.”

…And Many Downsizing Homeowners are Choosing to Rent 

“Renting makes our lives more flexible. It’s a much shorter commitment. So, while we empty nesters are deciding how and where we want to be for the next phases of our life, we want to have convenience and flexibility. And sometimes, we just decide renting is the carefree way we want to live.”

The Advantages of Renting Versus Buying for Empty Nesters

It’s generally cheaper to rent. Rent covers everything. When you rent, forget about:

  • Mortgage
  • Property Tax
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Maintenance Costs
  • HOA Fees
  • Buy-in Fees that Retirement Communities sometimes charge

Renting Means Freedom!

  • “We don’t want to have to sell a home again in the future when we need to move. It is stressful enough selling the family home and experiencing the fickle nature of the real estate market.”
  • “We’d rather make other investments – we don’t necessarily want our capital tied up in real estate again. We don’t want to be committed to another large-scale real estate investment in an unpredictable market.”
  • “Renting allows us to be more carefree – we can close the door and travel when we are in a close-knit and secure community.”
  • “We are not ready for a Continuing Care Retirement Community, and not financially prepared for those buy-in and monthly costs before we need those heavy-duty assistance services. But, we would like to be in a place we could stay if we have any physical issues.”
  • Treplus Communities Have Ranch Style Apartment Homes with Attached Garages
  • This is a very accommodating design for former homeowners. Nationwide, lots of rental product targeting Baby Boomers and empty nesters is coming onto the market. These concepts include urban elevator-served buildings and suburban townhouses. 
  • A few providers like Treplus are developing ranch style housing with attached garages, like Hawthorne Commons in Dublin. Treplus Communities opened Hawthorne Commons, located in the Wyandotte Woods subdivision near Sawmill and Hard Roads, in November of 2017. 
  • Next year, Treplus Communities will be opening Redbud Commons in Pickerington. This community will be very similar to Hawthorne Commons in that it offers single-story luxury apartments with ample amenities and extensive services. The ranch style apartment homes will have attached garages just like Hawthorne Commons. Redbud Commons is currently under construction at a site on Diley Road near State Route 256, just down the road from charming Olde Pickerington Village. The site is well connected to area multi-use trails and parks.

An Invitation: “Come See These Lovely Apartments!”

To close their presentation, Ann and Jane issued an invitation to the attendees at DSC 2017. “We would love to tell you about our apartment homes and all of the amenities we’ve packed into our communities.” In addition to presenting, the folks at Treplus Communities will have a booth at the 2018 DownSize Columbus event, where floor plans and photos will be available, both for Hawthorne Commons in Dublin and Redbud Commons in Pickerington. 

“We’d love to meet you!”

Ann and Jane