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Treplus Communities Supports Pet-Friendly 55+ Living

Pet friendly 55+ Living

Treplus Communities supports pet-friendly living with your pet in our 55+ communities. The relationship between humans and animals is both enduring and important. Being pet owners ourselves, we understand how important these animal friends are and make it easy for our residents to live pet-friendly lifestyles in our communities. The best pets are the ones who love unconditionally and pose for their humans in adorable pet videos that go viral on social media!

Benefits of Pet Ownership

Having a pet around (including dogs or their cat rivals) can be a great stress reliever and even improves cortisol levels. Animals can serve as a source of love and companionship as well as comfort and support for adults age 55+ who may be empty nesters.

Active adults hold their pets in highest regard as a member of the family. A major consideration of relocating or downsizing is finding a new home that is pet friendly. Pet-friendly communities recognize the desire for companionship and allow their residents to be accompanied by their beloved furry family members in their homes. Many Treplus Communities provide dog parks for our residents or are near parks for exercise for you and your doggy.

Pet-Friendly Apartment Living

There are a variety of small, medium and large dogs that adjust well to apartment living. Both large and small pets to low maintenance pets do well and thrive in an apartment home setting. It is best to consult with management in an apartment community on weight or breed restrictions for tenants if you own a specific breed.  While breed restrictions generally exclude cats, these regulations are in place to protect other residents from harm or damage to physical property.

Various studies have shown evidence that having a dog around your home can improve the ability to connect with other people. In some cases, the presence of a dog created more trust, friendliness, and cooperation among members of a community. One study even found that when someone is out and about with a dog, people consider them to be more approachable than someone without a pet.

cats and dogs

Similarly, cats are great companions in an apartment home because of their smaller size, quietness, and their independence when left alone. Cats are excellent companions for 55+ residents because of the use of litter boxes, easy cleanup, and how great they are at taking care of themselves compared to dogs. Cats are a great option for people who have mobility restrictions as well.

Did you know that watching fish swim can help lower blood pressure? Having fish as pets is an excellent solution for renters who want a small pet or are first-time pet owners. Treplus welcomes aquariums and tropical fish or saltwater aquarium owners to our communities as well.
Numerous positive health benefits have been attributed to pet ownership and finding the perfect home to accommodate furry friends is critical. Pet-friendly 55 plus apartment communities offer residents an increased opportunity to exercise, get outside, and socialize.  Regular walking or playing with pets has been shown to benefit a person’s physical health and manages loneliness by providing companionship.

Treplus Communities provides pet-friendly living to 55+ residents at our communities. As we continue to expand, we encourage those with pets to take a tour and look at our single-story floor plans to see how you and your pet will love living here for years to come.