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Treplus Communities Grows Its Community Garden Offerings

community garden image

One of the best amenities at every Treplus Community is the raised-bed community garden located next to The Commons, a resort-quality clubhouse that is the heart of resident life. The gardens are developed and maintained by the property’s residents and enable them to grow their own flowers, fruits and vegetables for personal consumption and donations to local food banks.

We are excited to announce that all three Treplus Communities now have a community garden with the addition of new beds at Hawthorne Commons, our Dublin, Ohio property.

Community and urban gardening has taken off over the past couple of decades as more and more people become interested in the health and sustainability benefits of growing and consuming local produce. In Central Ohio, we’re lucky to have a climate conducive to growing a wide array of beautiful produce—from sugar snap peas in the spring, award-winning summertime tomatoes and beautiful, deep leafy greens during the cold months of late fall.

Benefits of a community garden for residents
  • Fresh Produce - Our residents can easily access fresh, locally grown flowers, fruits and vegetables;
  • Social Engagement – Participating in a community garden gives residents an opportunity to connect with neighbors and make new friends;
  • Healthy Lifestyles – Planting and maintaining a community garden gives residents a chance to enjoy fresh air and get exercise. In addition, studies have shown that people who have access to a community garden consume more fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • Improved Mental Health – Being outside helps our residents slow down and connect with nature, which, in turn, helps manage stress and promotes relaxation.
  • A Cleaner Environment – Plants add oxygen to the air, which results in cleaner air an less pollution. Gardens absorb rainwater runoff that carries pollutants;
  • Beautiful Landscapes – Community Gardens provide residents with a vibrant, green space that attracts birds and butterflies.
  • Educational Opportunities – Residents with different gardening expertise can share gardening tips with each other.

If you enjoy gardening and are looking to downsize your home, you can still enjoy fresh fruit, herbs and produce while socializing with your neighbors.