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Join your community friends for March Madness on April 6th

Group of people watching basketball game

watch March Madness with your friends.

Enjoy the shared experience at The Commons.

March Madness is a huge cultural event, and watching it with friends at your community's Commons lets you be part of the excitement together. You can share the excitement of the buzzer beaters, celebrate upsets, and commiserate over bracket busts together.

Friends watching March Madness basketball
It's friendly competition.

Brackets are a big part of March Madness, and watching with friends adds a layer of friendly competition. You can see who picked the best teams and playfully trash talk each other throughout the tournament.

It Can Be a Learning Experience.

With so many games happening at once, it can be hard to follow everything on your own. But with friends, you can share what they watched on different games. You can then share the highlights and exciting moments with each other.

Learn how to fill out a March Madness bracket here. (Even if you've never done it before!)

Filling out a bracket is fun, and free. Of course, if you don't even have to take it very seriously. And if you do that, you can fill one out relatively quickly.

March Madness bracket
Socializing at The Commons is Fun.

It's just a great excuse to get together with your neighbors and friends, enjoy snacks and drinks, and have fun. March Madness provides a shared interest and a reason to relax and unwind.

So, basically, watching March Madness with friends makes it a much more fun experience.