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Breaking Up With Stuff Is Hard To Do

seniors moving out of their home

If your age is 50 plus, you probably have a house full of “stuff” associated with a life gone by - a formal dining room with china, books, records, collectables, and more! Your memories and those of your parent’s are now all under one roof. 

Sooner than we think, most of us will face downsizing our home and belongings. It is no easy task. It is harder than you think and the longer you live in your home, the harder it gets.

The very thought of moving is overwhelming, because it comes with so many questions such as “what am I going to do with all my stuff, and my parent’s stuff”?

Hard questions and no easy answer.

Without question, it is emotional to DOWNSIZE - it is a break-up! With any break-up … there is  heartache.... right?  You may think it is easier to put it off a little longer... wait and see what happens. However, we all know that usually it is best to make a plan and then just do it! Start breathing.

Have you ever dreamed of space, simplicity, less weight of pressing piles of things to do?  Then maybe it’s time to take steps to ensure that you’re living YOUR life the way you want instead of drowning in a big space with too much stuff?  If living a maintenance-free lifestyle or “snowbirding” to a warmer climate has crossed your mind, it might be time to consider making a plan to downsize your home.

Making a plan is the first step.

Maybe you want to age in place, settle in where life is predictable and sustainable? Or, maybe you are ready for a community of active adults such as yourself who have time to do all the fun things because someone else mows the lawn and does the chores.

One More You Transitions sees this every day and that is why we show up at your door with a culture of gentle kindness.  We believe that having one more person who is not emotionally involved makes a big difference. We help you DOWNSIZE your home and Optimize the rest of your life.  Don’t wait too long...

When you are ready, we help you design a plan to go to a smaller space. You will have a team with a customized process that has proven successful over and over again.

The role of a Downsizer

We help you focus on identifying items in your home that qualify as:

  • The Must Haves
    • Key Necessities
  • The Want to Haves
    • Family heirlooms
  • The Nice to Haves
    • Pictures
    • Holiday decorations

Libby Patrick owner of One More You TransitionsAre you ready to break-up with your stuff? 

Contact us for more information: Libby Patrick - Owner/Founder of One More You Transitions, LLC.

Or call us at  740-706-1480.