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Active Adult Volunteering at Food Rescue US

Food Rescue US Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteer Opportunities to Fill Plates, Not Landfills

There is more than enough food produced and prepared in Central Ohio to feed all of its residents—but too often, the surplus food from restaurants and venues goes to a landfill instead of onto the plates of those in need. That’s where Food Rescue US - Columbus comes in.

Our volunteers use a website ( to find and claim available donations of excess food, then use their cars to pick up and deliver those donations to a nearby receiving agency that serves vulnerable members of the Columbus community.

Volunteers for Food Rescue US

Every day, dozens of individual rescue pickups are available, involving donations from hospitals, bakeries, event centers, grocery stores, and more—and each rescue is pre-assigned to a nearby receiving agency (like a pantry, shelter, or community center). We rescue food from 80+ donating partners, and we deliver that food to 90+ social service agencies. Every time food is saved from the garbage at one location, it provides an amazing organization with extra resources for their clients.

Volunteer Opportunities

Using the Food Rescue website, you can sign up for any rescue that fits your schedule, and you can participate as frequently as you’d like—once a month, once a week, or multiple times per day. Our volunteers complete over 170 pickups per week! You can filter available rescues by the size of the pickup, location, and time of day, and if you find a rescue you love, you can adopt it to commit to that rescue long-term.

Upcoming Events:

Susan and Emily, the two Site Directors of Food Rescue US - Columbus, will be joining Treplus Communities for Lunch and Learns as follows:

  • November 14, 2022 at Noon            Hosted at Redbud Commons in Pickerington, Ohio               
  • November 17, 2022 at Noon            Hosted by Burr Oak Commons in Delaware, Ohio
  • November 18, 2022 at 12:30 PM     Hosted by Hawthorne Commons in Dublin, Ohio

About Food Rescue US

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Guest Blogger

Emily Rials, Co-Site Director, Food Rescue US -Columbus