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Active Adult Living Welcomes Pets

woman holding pet in senior apartments

Even in the planning stages, the developers of Treplus Communities intended to allow pets in their communities. In addition to being animal lovers, the Treplus family recognizes that many empty-nesters view their pets as children who will never move out. And allowing these cherished family members is a must for the benefit of active adult residents.  For Baby Boomers and Millennials alike, moving to a “No Pets Allowed” community would, in essence, break up the family. Downsizing should never, ever mean getting rid of the family pet.

In generations past, dogs and cats were kept around for utilitarian purposes and were not allowed in the house. Dogs could herd livestock and protect the home, while cats culled damaging rodents. Today, we spend hours posting and clicking on adorable photos of pets on social media sites. To some, the practice of showing off an angelic puppy or kitty is akin to worship…or obsession. 

Some of us want to bring our pets everywhere. 

OK, cat people, here’s where the story ends for you. Cats are not the social butterflies that dogs tend to be. Fact is, many cats seem to be more attached to your house than they are to you. A rare few may enjoy a lap around the park on a leash or in a baby carriage, but most would be appalled at the prospect of a family outing at a neighborhood watering hole. Let’s face it, in a cat’s eyes, we humans are just not that much fun to be around.

Most dogs beg to differ, though. Many become anxious even before their people walk out the door. We’ve all heard the stories of frantic canines eating couches and jumping through plate-glass windows in response to being left alone. There is nothing that most dogs adore more than “walkies” with their humans. And included in that incendiary word, there could be an outing to the local pub or bodega to mix it up with two- and four-legged friends. 

Central Ohio is a veritable wonderland of dog-friendly shops, cafes and off-leash parks. And coupled with the recently passed House Bill 263, which enables restaurant and bar owners to allow dogs on their outdoor patios, it’s a blissful storm of canine-human camaraderie. 

dog sitting at cafe table

Ohio legislature Lets the Dogs Out

In April 2018, the Ohio House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed House Bill 263 with a 79 to 9 vote. The bill passed the Senate in June 2018 and was subsequently signed into law by Ohio's Former Governor, John Kasich.   In essence, HB 263 enabled bar and restaurant owners to decide whether to allow dogs on their outdoor patios. 

Lawmakers note that the new law makes for happier pet owners and pets, helps with local tourism, and gets rid of an “unnecessary” regulation. Representative Laura Lanese (R-Grove City) explains, “We’re acknowledging the strong human-animal connection.” 

Cow Town is Dog-Friendly

There are a multitude of dog-friendly establishments in Central Ohio, and they can be found on websites like FourSquare, Bring Fido, ColumbusUnderground and Experience Columbus.  Some dog-friendly establishments near Treplus’ three Central Ohio active adult apartment sites include:

Dublin Village Tavern – 27 South High Street
Rancho Allegre – 5637 Woerner Temple Road
Yogi’s Bar and Grill – 5857 Karric Square Drive

Dogs can kick up dust at Nando’s Dog Park at Darree Fields Park, located at Cosgray and Rings Roads in Dublin, and the Heritage Rail Trail, 7250 Hayden Run Road.

Herb’N Café – 1252 Hill Road North
Graeter’s Ice Cream – 1500 Cross Creeks Boulevard
Firehouse Subs – 152 Clint Drive

Pickerington is also home to the Violet Township dog park, located at 490 North Center Street, just a few blocks from Olde Pickerington Village. 

J. Gumbo’s – 9 North Sandusky Street
Amato’s Wood Fired Pizza – 8 South Sandusky Street

Delaware has one of the best dog beaches in the area.  The Alum Creek Dog Park at 3615 S. Old State Road in Delaware has areas for large and small dogs, and an expansive beach where dogs can swim and splash. 

Collin Castore, co-owner of Seventh Son Brewing and president of the Ohio Craft Brewers Association, commented in a Columbus Dispatch interview, “It could be argued that people stay longer and spend slightly more…based upon the fact that they have their canine companion with them. We do not ever have issues with having dogs on our patio, and not having them would hurt our business.”

Senior apartments that your Four-Legged Family Members will Love 

woman snuggling with corgi in her senior apartment

Treplus Communities offers single-story apartments well-equipped to comfortably house cats and dogs (and their people!)  Hawthorne Commons in Dublin, Redbud Commons in Pickerington, and Burr Oak Commons, all have play areas for dogs, walkways throughout the community, and access to multi-use trails for long walks with the pooch.  

Treplus Communities offers apartments with mud rooms off the attached garage entrances, wood laminate flooring materials and single-story designs make for easier pet cleanup. Even older dogs will be able to navigate these luxury, single-story apartments easily. Features such as these are genuinely important to all residents, but pet owners are just as concerned about the comfort and safety of their pets!